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Best Hot Air Balloon Colorado An Amazing Experience

April 7, 2016 by  
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In 1793 two brothers proved that hot air could power flight by filling a bag and sending a confused duck into the air in a basket suspended from the bag. Since this time people have taken to the skies and enjoyed the peace and tranquility of ballooning. When you are searching for the best hot air balloon Colorado has numerous companies who provide once in a lifetime adventures over the state’s most stunning scenery.

The joys of drifting in near silence over open plains or parkland is a once in a lifetime experience. The occasional roar of the burner seems to be a perfect counter point to the stillness of quietly floating across the sky. The views that can be experienced are unlike any other with the full panorama spread out beneath you.

Air travel of any kind can be affected by poor weather. Ballooning especially is vulnerable to high winds and poor conditions so the season for flying tends to be May to October only. Plan your trip with this in mind and also remember that near off-season the weather may still be variable and your day could be postponed or cancelled.

Early morning is the best time to fly as the wind is normally lightest at dawn and dusk. You should confirm with your operator that the flight is to take place the day before your trip. They will check the forecasts and let you know the exact time to arrive. Even a few gusts could cause a problem so do not simply turn up and expect to go up. When you do have a confirmed life-off you can set your alarm clock and join the birds enjoying the early morning skies.

There are many operators in the Colorado area covering most of the major sites and attractions. Each will offer a range of services from a basic tour as part of a large group to a private flight or even instruction on how to fly the balloon. Basic packages often include a breakfast and souvenir of your morning out.

On a typical day out you will arrive at the center or start point of the trip and be offered a continental breakfast before setting off. You may be asked if you would like to help inflate the envelope which is the name for the hot air bag. There should also be a safety briefing and then it will be time to climb into the gondola to start your adventure. Even though the flight might only last an hour or so, the memories will no doubt stay with you always.

Back on terra firma you could be offered sparkling cider or even champagne to round off a fantastic morning. There could be a chance to be part of the team and help packing up the envelope. Often your excursion will include some mementos of the event such as a t-shirt or framed photo. You may even find yourself taking away the desire to book another flight or even take up this incredible pastime yourself.

There are so many deals on offer for this amazing morning out that it is worth searching the internet to find what seems best for you. You could even buy a gift voucher to give to a friend or loved one for a really different adventure. Many companies offer discounts for early or group bookings, so this incredible journey need not be too expensive.

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