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Be Informed On Accelerated Learning

June 28, 2016 by  
Filed under Education

Today, learning and teaching have advanced to greater levels. In traditional settings, trainees attended lectures and were given handouts that acted as retention tools. Today, however, result oriented training programs are using accelerated learning as their foundation in training. These techniques can offer a higher return to the organizations on their training investment since they integrate many senses to the syllabus.

This mode of learning can be accomplished through by conducting assessments of skills and content presented to all trainees, followed by the design of a plan from the content that is activity-based. This technique can employ the integration of reflection, writing, job aids as well as talking depending on a given situation. In applying these training strategies, it is possible to put in more senses to aid information retention.

The technique is based on the way people naturally learn and this is what ensures that it is effective. It unlocks much potential that lay untapped by the traditional methods. This is due to the fact that the method engages a person wholly through music, physical activity, creativity, color as well as other techniques that to a person to be actively involved as he or she learns. For more effectiveness from this technique, people have to create some optimal environment.

One requirement for optimal studying environment is a positive environment. People will always learn best if they are physically, emotionally and socially positive. The environment should also be relaxed as well as stimulating in order to create a sense of interest, wholeness, safety and enjoyment which are key in optimizing human learning. Also, the learners need to be actively and totally involved, as well as taking responsibility as they learn. This is because, studying is not like a spectator sport, but rather a participatory one.

The other way of fostering an optimal environment is by making sure that learners embrace collaborations. This is vital as people may learn best when their environments encourage collaboration. In the conventional settings, great emphasis is laid on individuals competing, as the accelerated method focuses on collaboration because the social environment enhances better learning. As well, the environment ought to present a number of styles deemed suitable. This aids learners in using their favorite approach as they learn.

The accelerated method is guided by several principles. Engaging the whole body and mind is the first important principle. It is imperative to engage the mind and the whole body and in addition all emotions, receptors and senses. The head is simply not involved at all.

On the other hand, studying is not consumption but rather, it is creation. This is because knowledge is not what the learner absorbs but what the learner creates. As a matter of fact, learning happens if the learner integrates the knowledge and skills into an existing structure of himself. Studying is, therefore, a matter of coming up with new meanings, new electro or chemical interaction patterns and new neural networks.

In essence, skills and facts garnered when an individual is in seclusion end up evaporating quickly and may be difficult to absorb. However, good studying may be attained through performing tasks by continuous processes. For this cause, accelerated method always entails the situation that focuses on getting results.

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