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Basic Phases Of Campus Emergency Prepardness

April 10, 2016 by  
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The process of getting ready for probable disasters is a very critical one. The process seeks for a deep rationalisation of the various phases of disaster management which take account of the prevention mitigation plan, preparedness plan, response plan as well as the recovery plan. For this entire process of disaster management to be useful in our learning institutions as well as other organizations, there is the vital and great need of inculcating the various phases of this campus emergency prepardness.

The plan is far based on the structure of the different phases of disaster management. The stages comprise of the prevention mitigation plan, preparedness plan, response plan as well as the recovery plan. All of the phases as mentioned above are highly interconnected to each other in that one phase influences the others. This cycle as a whole is a constant process just as the plan is a dynamic document that requires unremitting updating.

To start with the prevention and mitigation plan is essential in helping to reduce the chances at which depression may occur by decreasing the likelihood of its occurrence. If the institution takes total and proper preparedness, the number of hazards that may arise in the organization can be highly reduced thus helps in plummeting or completely doing away with the loss of life and property without or within the institution. Therefore, it works to decrease vulnerability to disasters as well as prepare members to respond rapidly and more efficiently to the disasters.

On the other hand, preparedness as a phase of disaster management is also very essential through its aims comprising of scheming strategies, processes and protocols to prepare the learning institution for potential emergencies. This helps members of the organization to be well informed about possible consequences of both natural and manmade disasters. The phase works by enhancing awareness to the members on how to respond, therefore, minimizing the potential dangers thus creating a favorable environment.

The process can also be well archived by the provision of alarming equipment for proper communication in case of a disaster occurrence. With this plans the members of the organization can gain possible information about possible consequences in the event of the disaster. The strategic plans can well be made by the institutional administrators in collaboration with the government of their locality.

During this phase, the campus, as well as the institution officials, activates the emergency management plan. Responses to crises vary widely depending upon the severity, magnitude, duration, and intensity of the event calling for the emergency.

The essentialities are well seen in its aims of trying to establish procedures and policies to assist the affected institution. It aids in meeting the basic needs of the people affected until more permanent and sustainable solutions are affirmed. The central responsibility to address these calls and respond to a disaster is to ensure that the affected members return to their normal functioning after the crisis.

The initial planning for this phase begins in the preparedness phase where strategic objectives and operation strategies for resolving any incident and returning the education institution to normal activities. The early planning is done to ensure that the learning organization has a comprehensive plan on how to cope with any potential emergencies that may occur. To sum up all, disasters are not meant to be but any learning institution should have all these phases at hand early before probable emergencies to help cope with the apparent crisis that may occur.

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