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Arizona Flag And Its History

March 19, 2016 by  
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Men came to Arizona to seek their fortunes – adventurers, prospectors, farmers, businessmen, builders. To protect them against the Indians who fought fiercely to keep back this change in their land, the army also came and built its forts. Only the most brave and hardy pioneers came until the last of the Indian uprisings were finished and final peace won in 1886. Development of the state then surged forward. With the leadership of the pioneers themselves, United States Marshals finally made a peaceful territory of Arizona, where crops, cattle and sheep, as well as mining, all became important in building the future of the state. The birth of the Arizona State Flag can be traced back to the 1910 National Rifle Matches at Camp Perry, Ohio before Arizona officially entered the union. Shooting matches began at Camp Perry in 1907 and rapidly developed into a prestigious annual event that continues to this day.

Members of the visiting Arizona Rifle Team noticed that all of the other “state” rifle teams carried flags or emblems. The Arizona team had no such flag or emblem and brought this to the attention of Arizona National Guard Colonel Charles Wilfred Harris, who was serving as the team captain. The team suggested that a flag is created to represent the Arizona Rifle Team at future National Rifle Matches.

The thought for the configuration of the banner was considered by Colonel Harris and Carl Hayden. Their first needs for the outline were that it contain authentic qualities and that its hues ought to mirror those qualities.

Arranged by Colonel Charles W. Harris, the first standard, passed on by the Arizona Rifle Team to the National Rifle Matches in 1911, was sewn by Nan D. Hayden. In1912, Colonel Harris arranged a state standard that was similar to the flag that he proposed for the Arizona Rifle Team.

Measuring four feet high and six feet wide, the banner is partitioned into a top and base half with a vast five-point copper star in the middle. The Arizona State Flag was received by the Arizona State Legislature in 1917. Historical records show that Arizona politics were at least as prickly 100 years ago as they are today, and the flag design prompted its own kerfuffle. When the Legislature finally adopted the state flag in 1917, the governor refused to sign the bill. Flag Company Inc decided to assist with the history development by providing special decals and banners to make it easy to build a bit of university right at home.

The blue, red, yellow and copper flag was adopted despite numerous dissenting votes and then Governor Campbell’s refusal to sign the bill. Because Arizona is a western state, the rays show a setting sun. The colors of the rays refer to red and yellow in the Spanish flags carried by Coronado when he came to Arizona in 1540.

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