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Applications Of The Hotel Key Card Sleeves

March 28, 2016 by  
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Keys are quite a problem when it comes to carrying them around. When one is on holiday or out on a business trip, carrying around keys can be quite a tiresome ordeal and they are likely to be forgotten or misplaced. This could spell disaster since access to the hotel can be quite tricky and a process to confirm information may be long and engaging. Therefore, one can opt for a solution that is both safe and secure by the use of hotel key card sleeves. Here are some important uses of the card sleeves.

The card sleeves can be compared to ATM cards. They contain magnetic strips or chip sets that allow them to be used as actual keys. These chips allow for a high level of security as only those with the key cards can access rooms. They also have a secret pin to add on security measures. These characteristics make these motel key cards easy to carry around.

The key cards sleeves keep the card or the key safe. They are quite convenient to carry around in the pocket because they tailored to fit in comfortably in small pockets. They are also secure and they if lost, for they have the security codes which restrict any tampering. If they happen to be misplaced, the key sleeve contains important details such as the name, telephone number and motels name which eases the recovery process.

Communication is an important part of any organisation. Motel key card pockets may also be utilized for signing and showing directions. They can tell the organisations workers whether to use a certain service or whether the service is engaged with someone else at the moment. They can also be used to tell those in a hotel when cleaning is due or when one is requesting room service.

The cards can also be used as a marketing tool where a motel advertises their extra amenities such as spas or any events planned there. They have such information printed on the card pockets given to every client in the hotel thus an easy way to spread the word.

It can be quite hard trying to move around a motel that is as big as a story building. But it is not a thing for the hotel and the clients to worry since they can have the maps to any important place on the cards. The cards are therefore used to give directions to the clients as they maneuver their way in the facility. The last thing any client would want is to be lost or stranded in a hotel helpless.

In some situations, the card pockets may be utilized to gate passes to access certain areas in the area. Such include the lodging rooms where only those clients booked can only access and authorized personnel. They can also act as parking tickets why they used to bill up your total amount spent to be paid later in the motel during checking out. This is to avoid the hustle of paying parking in cash which could be quite tedious for new people in new countries.

Therefore, it is evident that the cards find quite a large use in and around any motel. They help in making things a little easier and enjoyable for the client and at the convenience of the motel too.

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