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Anti Bullying Campaigns And Petitions Which Help Victims Move Forward

April 6, 2016 by  
Filed under Education

Although parents and teachers know the signs and symptoms of children who are exposed to bullying, it has not completely solved the issue. There are many children who are still suffering on a daily basis because they victimized by this. These days, however, there are anti bullying campaigns which have been set in place by those who have been abused as well as parents and teachers.

Children who are young as well as adolescents are affected by this in different ways. Bullies torture children physically and they will also play with their emotions. As they get older, they will use cyberbullying to bring them down further. Parents and teachers don’t always recognize this because there are no physical signs, but there are still things to look out for.

Older children may start to turn to drinking and drugs because this is the thing that gives them comfort. Those who have been cyberbullied will be anxious every time the receive a text message. They may not want to turn to social media on a regular basis anymore. When it becomes worse, children and teenagers start to lose their appetite and can’t focus or sleep well.

Parents should become more educated by attending workshops. This will not only help their child, but it could also help other children who they know about. Teachers are also starting to attend training seminars, so that they start to recognize a problem. Children may be more inclined to turn to a teacher who they can trust.

There are certain cases where victims have committed suicide in the past. Parents would head off to different schools talking to the children about how this could have been prevented and what their child went through during this time. This starts to make bullies think about what they have done. They may not have thought they were doing anything wrong in the past.

It is essential for children who are victims to look for help like this before the problem gets out of control. Those children who suffer will become more depressed, start to lose their appetite and find that they can’t get a descent night’s sleep. Something like this will be on their mind all the time. There have been teens who have committed suicide in the past.

Victims are encouraged to talk about their experiences. Children as young as nine are doing this. It is helpful for them as well as for those who are being bullied. It can also help the bullies change their thinking patterns. The victims may discuss how they were feeling or what happened. They may also decide to say why it is not appropriate.

To prevent this from happening again, a bully should also be treated. They need to talk about the underlying problems, which is often the dysfunctional family that they come from. If they don’t deal with this, they may act out in adult life, and this can lead to more severe crimes and relationships which are abusive in nature.

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