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An Overview Into The Life Of Nellie Bly

March 16, 2016 by  
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It seems various significant individuals in the past had their talents suited for that era. A particular example is Nellie Bly, who was a newspaper reporter back then during the nineteenth century. Her works came in handy for changing various public policies. Her little formal education was not an obstacle to having a successful career.

She first got a job as a columnist in a newspaper after writing an article in the Pittsburg Dispatch. This was her first job. She took this opportunity and utilized it to professionally develop. The better part of the year after being hired was spent fielding assignments on a number of categories. These stemmed from fashion, entertainment, gardening among others.

After gaining more skills on the job, she went to Mexico. While in this country, she was able to compile reports which touched on corruption. Additionally, the poor living condition of the residents also attracted a huge international outrage that led to her deportation. She was forced to go back to United States after this. On her return, she got another job in a company known as the New York world. Several assignments such as being an undercover reporter at one of the lunatic asylums were carried out.

The reports later on compiled were astonished many people. This attracted the attention of the jury thereby launching an investigation in the same subject. Results were soon out and it was confirmed that the institution needed funding to elevate the living conditions of patients. Funds were injected in the sector for its improvement.

Bly then made a decision to circumnavigate the world. Little did people know that this journey will just take seventy two days. She used the duration to visit various continents and compose reports. The fact that efficient submarine networks coupled with electric telegraphs were in existence made her reports to be read far and wide. Upon her return, she was welcomed warmly. This was done by ten celebratory gunshots in New York.

The following years saw Bly get married by a millionaire manufacturer who owned a steel company. The company specialized in the manufacture of milk cans and boilers. Nine years later, the husband died and she was forced to take over the business. However, there was embezzlement of funds which led to bankruptcy. Bly got back into reporting after this.

At the age of fifty seven, she suffered acute pneumonia and passed on. This was in the year nineteen twenty two. Following her death, a number of dramatic representations came up. These ranged from films, books, and so on. An amusement park in Brooklyn was also named after her. In the year nineteen ninety eight, she was inducted into the national hall of fame.

A number of young female journalists are inspired by her accomplishments. Many have gone out of their way to tackle heavy societal issues as opposed to compiling reports about lighter topics. In order to rapidly achieve this, it is recommended that you create a network. This should include both peers and other professionals in the industry. Technology, which is at the disposal of many, should also be used to elevate success in a journalism career.

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