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Accelerated Reading Will Help You In The Long Run

June 28, 2016 by  
Filed under Education

Reading is something that has been around for generations, from fiction to the news, stories are formed from anything and the way it’s told leads to a whole new world that many enjoy being a part of. Either as an author forming the story of unreal and magical worlds or as a journalist sharing the truth with everyone, reading is key to opening almost anything. Accelerated reading is a skill that one achieves after studying many stories and leads to so many more skills.

Books, not the only source, but one of the forms one looks for, comes in so many different sizes and have been made available to so many people all over the world. From children books used to ignite a passion from a young age, to the encyclopaedia that was formed purely as a tool for knowledge there is very little that books have not covered. Another source that is slowly fading due to the modern world are newspapers, an item that was a lot more popular years back than it is now.

Today technology has brought knowledge to many all over the world and as long as one has means in which they can access this, they are bound to find something they like. The World Wide Web has made it possible for almost anyone to enjoy that which was not available to them years ago. Just by choosing what they would like to study, and then devoting a certain amount of time to gong over it, people are able to learn new things every day.

This program is a test of a comprehension that assists students in increasing their skill. Students are able to choose what they would like to study, do so independently, and then get tested for it in an independent comprehension test on the computer. Based on a length of the book and the level at which each person is, points are awarded to each person.

There are good things and bad things to a program like this that are generally the same no matter who takes part in it. Due to the fact that each student is awarded for what they do, as well as the fact that they are all different, this program encourages some but then also discourages others who are not able to meet certain requirements. As long as the teacher oversees this and assist accordingly a lot can be prevented.

The ATOS formula helps assist in reporting the present level of difficulty in text that each person has at their own level. Should a child for example be given a 4.5 book level they are likely to be a fourth grader. However since everyone is different this will vary from child to child and rarely will be the same for more than one.

Being able to study different sources of information, allows for so many important skills to form that one is bound to use throughout their life. From learning how to speak proper English to learning how to spell one also learns discipline in being able to sit down as concentrate for long periods of time. It’s never a bad thing.

This skill is very effective. Teaching many things, it’s always time well spent. Accelerated learning and reading are always great programs to undertake.

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