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A New Career With An Employment Agency

May 27, 2016 by  
Filed under Education

Businesses large and small are returning to normal after a shaky recession. They may need more personnel to stay on top of demand but are leery about the initial investment. This is understandable since it can take a lot of time and money to find the right person. By working with an employment agency with located across Canada, a happy medium can be found.

The listing of eligible job candidates is varied in terms of skills and education. Usually they verify this during the initial hiring process, which often includes a reference check and live demonstrations of said skills. Afterwards, candidates are encouraged to stay in touch for new job assignments.

For employment Canada businesses sometimes may require additional screening such as having candidates come into their facilities to test and interview. This is easier than placing an ad because it filters out those who may not be qualified. It also helps in terms of building a short list, in case the preferred candidate does not accept the job or leaves sooner than expected.

What many applicants may not realize is that job agencies may offer training that will help them in their career. This is recommended for those who are changing careers or who may have been away from the work force for a while. Usually this is free or applicants may receive a discount on a specific industry certification through an online provider.

When an employment staffing company sees a person taking initiative, they often note this and add to their list of people to call first. If a person is lacking up to date skill set, the job placement specialist may make suggestions that take little time to achieve. It can also make navigating job boards a little easier.

How a person communicates with agency staff is pertinent to their future as a worker. Cordial greetings to all are essential, along with acknowledgement of assignment or areas in need of improvement, go a long way. Keeping things truthful also helps in placement. People who want to work all the time versus people who just want part time hours should be shared immediately. Also, it helps in placement and how much the employer knowing how much to invest in their career.

However, this industry can offer pleasant surprises. There are times when a short assignment may turn into a career of a lifetime. This can depend on many factors, with attitude, demand and timing being at the top of the list. Sometimes, agencies encourage that candidates make themselves open if they do not have other plans like, relocating to another city or returning to school full time.

There are employment solutions in Canada offer something for just about all work styles. People who want to work a few days a month or a certain number of hours every week or during a particular season may find something that suits their needs. An agency that is willing to be flexible will find they are appreciated by workers and clients alike. When a company has sudden surge, it can help someone looking to make a little on the side or, a person who wants to grow with a company.

For all your staffing needs make sure you use the best employment agency in Canada. Let us fulfill your employment staffing requirements when you contact us today!

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