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A Guide For Things To Do In Rome As A Tourist

May 18, 2016 by  
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Very few other European cities can rival Rome when it comes to a fantastic nightlife. The sprawling cosmopolitan dating back some 3000 years back has everything a discerning visitors would ever need to stay happy and smiling. The capital of Rome is home to an endless number of museums, parks and gardens, art galleries and exhibitions and colosseums all for the viewing pleasure of the visitors. Tourists are advised to avoid staying in their rooms at night since it is when the city comes of age and alive. Learn all about the grand things to do in Rome at night as a tourist.

In 2005, the city recorded a total of 19.5 million global visitors. In the preceding years, the experts at the Italian Bureau of Tourism anticipated that the number of tourists to the city would keep on growing at nearly 3%. That is a marvelous feat by any standards. Individuals from the four corners of the world get drawn to this enchanting city as a result of the countless fascinating tourist attractions up for grabs. No other city claims to have more monuments than Rome.

As already noted, Rome wakes up as the sun goes to sleep. Rome is unique in that it has a very high number of night clubs, hotels, restaurants and all manner of entertainment spots to fill up your to-do-list. The bars, pubs, and discotheques are evenly spread all over the metro. You are almost always never far away from a decent place to spend quality time in the capital.

The weather in this part of the world is to die for, no pun intended. The climate is surreal, and there is rarely any reason to hate the weather on any given day. It is so ideal and conducive that individuals have no qualms whatsoever at heading out of their hotel rooms to go and take a passeggiata. For those who are not conversant with the term, a passegiatta is an age-old tradition whereby folks, mostly couples, walk down the narrow aisles and streets at night times.

Asides the pleasant walks, there are a million and one sports pubs and bars with seats on the terraces. The customers get to sit out there as they watch the travelers walk down the streets holding hands and taking in the beautiful life of Rome.

A trendy nighttime event here takes place at the Campo De Fiorri. This area is full of both new and old nightclubs, and it is world famous for girls and guys hooking up. Yes, this is a locale where the young Italian men dressed impeccably come to pick up foreign Bellas, as beautiful women get referred to as in this area.

It is, however, important for visitors to be careful as to who they end up mingling and interacting with as some characters are not up to no good. Not all that glitters is gold, do not forget that wise saying.

Many locals and foreigners will be in complete agreement that the best night club in the capital is Amina. Club Amina has all the amenities and the facilities any world-calls club ought to be having. The ambiance is over-the-top, and the decorations are surreal. The music the disc jockeys play is not only local, but it is a healthy mixture of music from all parts of the world.

You can find a summary of the reasons why you should visit Italy and a detailed list of things to do in Rome at right now.

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